Experience mean accuracy

At RG Litigation we are proud to be very clear in respect of all aspects of costs and disbursements (these words are often interchanged with fees and expenses). RG Litigation makes it simple - we tell you what it will all cost to the best of our ability.

That does not mean that we have a crystal ball which means we know precisely "to the penny" what a case will cost, because that is impossible. However we will not use that as an excuse to give you an estimate that is not the best possible estimate that we can give on the information available to us. It simply isn't good enough for any solicitor to say that they "can't really give an estimate", or to change it all the time (have you ever had an estimate go down?).

Our team has considerable experience in litigation and we know that often it is just as important to answer the question "what will it cost me?" as "will I win?".

As you will gather our team specialises in bringing claims against solicitors who fail to give proper accurate detailed costs estimates. We are very good at it.

So we can help you if you have been charged legal fees much higher than you were told.

At the outset of your instructions to us we will give you a detailed estimate.

We will:

We will not:

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