How much does mediation cost?

There are a number of factors relevant to the cost of mediation. Don't be fooled into thinking that the only cost of mediation is the mediator's fee. There can be lots of hidden costs. RG Mediation gives full details of all fees "up front".

Firstly there is the mediator's fee. Mediators can charge whatever they want, or even mediate for free. It is common in commercial mediations for the charge to range from approximately £500 for 4 hours to £3000 for 8 hours. This depends upon the experience of the mediator and their availability. It does not naturally follow that the most expensive is the best, so research your mediator and always insist on a choice of mediators. The mediator's fee will also often increase with the value of the dispute. Remember that the parties chose the mediator so make sure that you have input in that choice. The parties usually pay an equal share of the mediator's fee. Mediators will usually provide a fixed fee, but always check to see if the charge an added hourly rate after a set number of hours; and how much time they will allocate in a fixed fee to advance reading of any documents.

The venue for the mediation. Some solicitors have facilities to host mediation but some do not. You may have to pay for a venue and the price of the venue will vary depending upon location. Ideally you will need a minimum of three separate rooms in close proximity. Conference rooms can usually be hired in most location's if your solicitor cannot provide a facility.

Travel to the mediation. This may be nominal if the mediation is held at your solicitors offices but can be considerable if you have to travel a long way.

Accommodation. If you are travelling a long way, and have an early start, then you may want to stay near to the location of the mediation on the night before. Mediations can go on for a long time and it is important that you are fully focused. Arriving tired and needing to rush away from what could be a very serious commercial discussion is not ideal.

Your legal fees. Don't forget that if your solicitor (and possibly barrister and expert) attend, that you will have to pay for their fees too. As mediations often last a full day and may not involve travel, this can be a substantial expense.

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