We have the expertise to get the best results for you from Mediation

There are many ways to solves commercial disputes and going to court is only one. The courts themselves are keen to promote Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and the most common form of ADR is Mediation. Our Team has undertaken numerous mediations over many years, ranging from multi party insurance clims for £6m to disputes over defective telephone handsets supplied by a multinational company.

We not only represent or clients in mediations. We also offer mediation services for third parties. RG Mediation

We are confident that we can represent you at Mediation with great skill and expertise. Many lawyers are still inexperienced at Mediation and are uncomfortable with the process. Check out their websites and they will explain the process (see: we answer your questions below) but they don't tell you how they will get the best results for you from Mediation. It is not the size of the pitch that matters but having the best players on your team.

“Gareth knew the procedures inside out. It was quite funny how he would tell us what the other side were going to do before they did it. It was brilliant to see Gareth talking with the Mediator and leading him round to our way of thinking. The other side didn’t have a clue what had hit them and that showed when we wiped the floor with them, securing everything that we wanted and more. It was even nice listening to his jokes in the down time when the mediator was with the other side. We would strongly recommend Gareth to anyone who is involved in a dispute especially if it involves mediation.”

Meticulous Preparation married to flexibility and commercial acumen

Any business knows that is you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. When parties in commercial disputes go to trail, they often spend weeks or months preparing in advance for trail, with hundreds of pages of documents and statements drawn up. RG Mediation is surprised that some inexperienced legal advisers attend mediation and start preparing for it on the night before!

At RG Mediation we prepare in detail for what the statistics say in 70% of disputes is the final day of the dispute! We prepare thoroughly.

  • We will review all aspects of the case from both sides so that we can advise on the strengths and weaknesses of the cases of both sides. We know our case.
  • We prepare in advance a statement of our client's case and provide this to the mediator and the other side.
  • We prepare detailed costs schedules so that at any time if we approach settlement, our clients know the complete picture of what they will walk away with in their pocket if settlement is reached.
  • We review the legal issues that may arise and prepare case law in advance.
  • We have a negotiation and settlement strategy with built in flexibility so that we can react in the course of the mediation.
  • Our clients know their best position but prepare in advance their best alternative position.

If you have a dispute and are considering mediation, we know we can help you

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