Where will mediation take place?

RG Mediation can provide mediation suites at our offices at 5 Chancery Lane, London. Book here

There are few if any more iconic addresses in the "legal world" than Chancery Lane. This is the home of The Law Society and the center of so much legal history.

It is quite common for the solicitors who act for one of the solicitors, to host the mediation at their offices. This may help to reduce costs if the rooms are provided at no charge.

Conference facilities may be provided by the Mediator if they are linked to a larger organization such as CEDR or The ADR Group. Some Barrister mediators may be able to host the mediation in their chambers. Hotels are sometimes used.

Mediations may have to be undertaken near to a site if the site is central to the dispute - such as a building dispute.
RG Litigation’s mediation suites are absolutely outstanding, located at the heart of the city, and within easy access to Tube Stations at Chancery Lane and Temple. We are within walking distance of all of the main Inns of Court which host London Barristers. We may be able to provide facilities even if we are not involved in the mediation, by acting for one of the parties, or if Gareth Jones is appointed as mediator. Book here

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