Can you get your costs back from your opponent?

If you win, you will normally recover a contribution to what you have had to spend on costs and expenses. This will usually be about 75% - 85% of your total outlay. Don't be fooled by anyone who tells you that you will get all of your costs back, as that is rare.

Since April 2013 it is also rare for "success fees" to be recovered on C.F.A.s so if in doubt please ask for an RG Litigation Funding and Legal Review today.

It is also important to know when you may have to make a contribution to your opponent's costs and how to protect yourself against that. We will give you detailed information on what is called "adverse costs" insurance (sometimes called "after the event" insurance); and whether it is sensible and cost effective to "buy" such protection. This is often the only way that solicitors will suggest protection but there are many other opportunities to secure protection via careful tactics and use of the law. The cost of the premiums for such insurance is expensive and can be a factor stopping SMEs and businesses pursuing valid claims. At RG Litigation we can help you get over this hurdle so that you are not denied access to Justice.

Can you get costs back from your own solicitor?

While at RG Litigation we are upfront and clear on costs, we know that unfortunately some solicitors fail to give the best information on costs; and often under estimate what it is going to cost you, the client.

Once you are involved in litigation, it can be hard to get out of and you may find yourself fighting a case where the costs are more than the actual claim itself. Some unfortunately have to abandon perfectly good cases, because they run out of money. RG Litigation can help you in two ways. Firstly we will look at working on a No Win No Fee basis. Secondly, we can help you to get money back from your own solicitor.

If you are not given a costs estimate in writing at the outset of a case - ask us for help.

When you asked how much the case will cost, if you are told something like: "How long is a piece of string" or "We can't be sure at this time, let's review it later" - ask us for help.

Your solicitor must give you the best information on costs and disbursements at the outset of the case. They should keep to the estimate they give. If they exceed it by more than 15-20% you probably have a very good case not to pay them anything over the amount - even if they did the work.

If you are given an estimate than a few month later it increases, and then again, and again - ask us for help.

We are specialists in Professional Negligence Litigation, and we are happy to act for clients who have suffered loss as a result of poor or inadequate estimates on costs.

"Gareth was clear on costs from the outset. He put it in writing and updated regularly but he never went over his original overall estimate. This allowed us to budget for the case and it was great when he came in under price, and won. I was amazed to learn a couple of years later that he was acting for our opponent in suing their solicitor for giving them stupid costs estimates - and winning that too."

If you require an RG Litigation Funding Review today, enquire here.