Running a business is hard enough when everything is going smoothly. When Directors and shareholders fall out, it can spell disaster. At RG Litigation we can help you to resolve these disputes by bringing a pragmatic commercial approach to your problems. If, unfortunately the problems are not capable of immediate resolution then we have the experience to fight for you and your business.

How can we help your business?

We can help if your disputes involves:

  • Directors breaching their duties to the Company
  • Insolvency
  • Shareholders arguing over how the Company is run
  • Directors bullying
  • Minority Shareholders rights

There are so many problems that were never going to happen when the business started. Are Directors acting in their interests as opposed to the interested of the company? Are they not declaring a conflict of interest because it suits them not to do so? Are you being excluded from meetings or not being giving critical financial information however many times you ask for it? What seemed a remote nightmare at the start of a business relationship can all too soon become a terrible reality. These disputes can be very personal - business partners often spend more time together than with their families - so sensitivity and clear focus is vital in what can be a very emotional dispute.

It is vital that you know your rights when there is a fall out in the Boardroom. Unfortunately many Directors and shareholders can sometimes run smaller companies in a manner that doesn't actually fit with their fiduciary and legal duties. They can get away with it because they are not legal challenged, but when problems arise it is critical that you seek expert legal advice. Control is often a huge factor in these disputes, so it is important that if you are the "underdog" that you have a clear voice and we can give you that voice.

“Gareth showed immaculate attention to detail and gave advice in plain terms we could understand. A refreshing change.”

At RG Litigation we always approach these problems from a commercial perspective. It is not our way to right at all costs, leaving the business in ruin, while we walk away. We look to work with you to protect the business at all costs. There is no point fighting over a business which has been destroyed in the fight. We seek practical and cost effective solutions. Only if litigation is the only route will we pursue it. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it actually beings the parties to the reality that a commercial settlement makes sense. We are about protecting your business. Our clients value the experience we can bring in getting to the centre of the dispute quickly and in a non-confrontational way, which often can clear up what seem insurmountable problems.

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