Building a better solution for you

How to solve a building dispute is often as important as the dispute itself. Chose the wrong method and you can find yourself in even deeper problems, and facing more expense. We can guide you to the most sensible solution from the lightest approach to major construction disputes: 

  • Letters can easily solve a problem that seems unsurmountable
  • On site meeting and without prejudice discussions
  • ADR - most commonly mediation or expert determination
  • Arbitration
  • Service of relevant Notices under the Building contract to stop or enforce work or payment
  • Court proceedings

We can help you – whichever side you are on

We are able to provide a full range of support if you are involved in a construction or building dispute; whether you are the builder; architect; project manager; sub-contractor; supplier or the customer.

Any construction project, large or small, can run into problems. It is still a startling fact that the majority of small building works are not covered by detailed contracts between the parties, and this is a recipe for regular disputes. If you are thinking of having building works done then ensure that you get written estimates and contractual terms. If you are a builder who wants to avoid problems half way through the job, then set out the terms and price at the beginning, clearly providing for extras.

“ We had the customer from hell and despite the fact that we did a professional job, they complained about everything. We are very thankful for Gareth’s help in resolving the problems in a sensible manner which meant we got paid and kept our good name.”

If you are in a building dispute our Team can help you to resolve it. Our expertise lies in bringing the parties to a commercially sound solution in the most cost effective and speedy manner. We can help you if you have a problem, including disputes over:

  • Do the works reflect what was agreed in the terms of the contract?
  • Delay and requests for time extensions
  • Defective Works
  • Warranty and Guarantee disputes
  • Sub-contractors responsibilities
  • Unsatisfactory workmanship and materials
  • Is the contract enforceable, and if it is - how?

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