We can protect your business when you have a contract dispute

Any business can find itself in a dispute over a contract. It could involve:

·         A breach of contract claim
·         Arguments over terms, conditions and warranties
·         Enforcing terms
·         Suppliers disputes
·         Sub-contractors disputes
·         Securing Damages
·         Opposing claims brought against you

It could be over your terms and conditions, contracts with suppliers, financial contracts or even contracts with your own employees.

We can provide commercial solutions which protect your business. Disputes can distract you from your core business, and prove very expensive. Our aim is to resolve your dispute quickly so as to leave your business in the best possible position.

How can we help?

Our approach is to vigorously represent your interests.

We are very robust in bringing court proceedings or defending them. We look for innovative solutions which protect you, ranging from urgent injunction applications or Insolvency proceedings to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Mediation.

Every contract dispute is different, and they need a different approach. Our flexibility is a key factor in our success.

We focus upon attention to detail. We will review the contract terms and all associated circumstantial evidence relating to the contract in order to give you the widest possible range of remedies. We are relentless in fighting your corner.

“Our business had suffered for over a year with phones cutting out and Vodafone ignored our complaints. Gareth advised us about remedies under the contract and negotiated a settlement which meant that all our phones were replace and we were paid damages for our losses and money towards our costs. After all that time and hassle, it was sorted in a few weeks.”

Are you defending or bringing a claim?

We act for both claimants and defendants.  In any contract dispute we look at the case from the perspective of both sides. It is vital to understand and asses the strengths and weaknesses of your interpretation of the contract, but also important to consider your opponents case. We can help you.

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