Protecting Your Reputation

You can build your reputation over many years, but lose it in a moment. The greater use of social media means that this is a problem which faces more people every day. Defamation can be highly personal with the harm being more than just financial loss.

We can help you to resolve any defamation claims, quickly, and in a sensitive way, which ensures that your profession reputation is maintained. Our expert team will defend your reputation at all costs, giving you swift professional legal advice.

 “ We were told that we couldn’t take on The BBC by other solicitors, but Gareth was relentless. He got us 5 figure damages, an apology on air, and the BBC paid our costs. What can we say – a brilliant result”

We will help you if your reputation has been damaged by publication via:

  • Television Broadcasts
  • Radio
  • Newspaper or Magazine
  • Letters or Emails
  • Social Media such as Facebook; Twitter
  • Speeches or comments to others

You may feel that you are the underdog, when your reputation is damaged by large media outlets, but we relish the task of fighting for the underdog. We can provide funding options to help you, including No Win No Fee options.

We Can Help You

If you have concerns in any or these areas, please contact us for advice:

  • Pre-publication advice - we can help you to stop the defamation before it happens
  • Libel - defamation in written form
  • Slander - defamation in spoken words
  • Malicious falsehood - often related to business defamation

Defending Your Rights to Comment

We can also help you to defend claims if someone has accused you of defaming them.

There may be legal Defences open to you, such as truth, or privilege, or honest comment. Even if you have defamed someone; you may have Limitation Defences, if the strict short time limits for bringing a claim have passed.

It may be that the person who feels that you have defamed him cannot establish that you were referring to them, and if they cannot show identification, this can protect you.

If the complaint cannot show that they have suffered serious harm, then there may not even be a claim. Your right of speech is something that our Team will always fight to protect.

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