Supporting your rights to Justice

Barely a day passes without another scandal concerning some form of mis-selling of a financial product. Many SMEs and individuals have been particularly hard hit, and don't have the funds to bring claims. At RG Litigation, we can help with specialist advice and radical funding options.

We can help guide you as to whether your claim is best brought through the Courts; the Financial Ombudsman Service; the Financial Services Compensation Scheme or ADR.

No Win No Fee Help

Unlike many solicitors we are prepared to put our money where our mouth is and take on cases which may be very difficult against Banks with big pockets. We will happily discuss your case with you are are confident we can help.

We are keen to bring justice to those SMEs and individuals who have been mis-sold investments which have left them facing financial ruin.


Many are contracted under an Interest Rate Swap agreement with their lender to maintain fixed interest rate payments attached to a loan which forces them to pay at a hiked interest rate. There are v

ery real issues relating to the credibility of how Swaps were sold and even potential fraudulent activity which needs to be investigated.

We are working closely with leading counsel on these investigations and are happy to speak with you about the merits of your claim. We are aware that it is not only the level of damages which can be recov

ered but the principal in many cases, as people feel "conned" by the Banks who have made enormous profit out of these products. Swaps were sold under the guise of being a fixed interest loan, but highly complicated products whose viability depends very much on the movement of interest rates. They were very one sided, often carrying huge penalty clauses if the investor wanted to withdraw but not if the Bank wanted to


Suing financial advisors

Professional financial advisors owe their clients a duty of care in the same way as many other professionals. You expect them to get it right, and getting it wrong does not mean they are negligent, but it might. We have considerable expertise in bringing claims against professionals and would be happy to discuss your claim with you.

Supporting SMEs

Our involvement has extended to sponsoring the inaugural meeting of the SMEs Alliance in September 2014 at The Law Society on Chancery Lane. The Alliance has wider interests but many of its members have suffered from such products. (See

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