Helping you at a most difficult time

The death of a loved one is probably the worst events that any of us will suffer in life. It is hard to describe how traumatic the experience can become if the heartache is followed by a dispute relating to the estate. There may be no will, leading to arguments over who should receive what. Even if there is a will, a relative may wish to challenge it.

If you find yourself in this situation then our specialist Team can help you in a sympathetic way. We will give clear advice designed to reach a solution as quickly as possible. We can also help to take away money fears, by offering help with funding through No Win No Fee arrangements in certain circumstances.

We can also help with:

  • Inheritance Act claims - where a will doesn't provide for you
  • Challenging the validity of the will - there may be capacity issues or even fraud
  • Contested Court or Protection proceedings
  • Disputes with Executors - even having them removed
  • Negligent drafting of a will - challenging the solicitors who drafted the will

We have enormous experience of ADR which we believe is a crucial way to try to resolve these disputes which can otherwise fester and split families apart when they most need to be strong together. If we can help you to avoid litigation and to reach your own solution, we will do that. If it is clear that court proceedings are the only option, we will support you all the way in securing justice.

We bring a personal approach

We will guide you on the legal principles with apply to all Inheritance dispute. We understand that the personal nature of these disputes means that every case must be treated with care, so we provide a unique service in each case. What is right for you may not be right for everyone. Our team understands the need to show the upmost respect and dignity in such disputes.

If we can secure an early settlement, then this is an ideal solution. If settlement cannot be reached then we will firmly support your claim to success at trail.

“Thank you Gareth. A very professional and caring approach which means we can now all move on.”

Be careful not to delay when seeking advice

Make sure that you seek advice early because the time limits to bring claims are much shorter than you may think. If you wish to bring a claim for maintenance under the Inheritance Act you must so this within 6 months of the Grant of Probate. A challenge to the estate must be started within 1 year of the death.

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