Helping you to recover Insurance Losses

It is a terrible experience when your business suffers a loss through no fault of your own (e.g. you suffer from a fire; flood or burglary). That is bad enough, but it is truly devastating when your Insurance Company then refuses to indemnify you on some technicality. It can be daunting task for any business man to negotiate with Insurance Companies, who put up barriers to your claim.

That's where we can help you. Our experience in all aspects of Insurance litigation enables us to give you clear practical legal advice to bring a successful claim. We will deliver speedy results, because we understand that delay can affect your cash flow and harm your business as the creditors still want paying.

We are with you from the outset to help you avoid problems

We can help you to negotiate your losses with the Insurers from the outset. Framing your losses succinctly and accurately, with supporting evidence can be critical in ensuring maximum recovery and swift payment.

We are with you if you have problems

If you are already in a dispute with your Insurer, we can help if your insurer refuses to indemnify you because they say that the claim involves:

  • Fraud
  • Non-disclosure
  • Losses which are excluded from the cover
  • Misrepresentation by you or some other breach of the contract of Insurance
  • Inflated claims for losses

We are experienced corporate litigators and are used to negotiating with Insurance companies in terms they understand. We can provide expert assistance in negotiating a settlement through correspondence, discussion or ADR.

 “ The Brokers said it wasn’t their fault, and the Insurance Company wouldn’t pay up either. It was scary suing 5 insurance professionals, but Gareth and his team were amazing. We settled for over £1 million and our got our costs paid. We were able to rebuild the company. We would definitely recommend Gareth to anyone who has problems with Insurance companies who are refusing to pay out on valid claims.”

If they will not co-operate we will guide you through the litigation maze of the courts system. We are not intimidated by Insurance companies and are familiar with their stalling tactics which often work when businesses do not have the professional legal support of a Team like ours at RG Litigation.

We can discuss with you NO WIN NO FEE funding options, which can help you to meet the costs involved, which can be considerable. We have close links with specialist Barristers chambers who can also offer leading Counsel on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, in suitable cases.

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