Here to help you to protect your business

The intellectual property in your business may be the most important part of your business. It may cover your name; your logo, or some design or concept which is vital to your brand.

We are litigation specialists, but contact us early, and we can direct you to professionals who can help you register Trade Marks; copyrights; designs and domain names, which may help you to avoid a dispute.

If you have failed to do this, is too late and you are now involved in a dispute then we can help you. We can provide clear and practical legal advice over a range of IP disputes, including:

  • Writing to potential parties in breach to protect you without litigation
  • Mediating in disputes over your IP rights
  • Representing you in the Expert Determination process
  • Securing damages for passing off and breaches of IP provisions
  • Enforcing IPs through injunctive remedies
  • Protecting your businesses reputation and profits from unscrupulous parties

Our aim is to help you to protect, manage and enforce your IP rights so that you can secure the maximum benefit from them in the marketplace. We always ensure that potentially devastating IP disputes are dealt with swiftly and cost effectively. Our advice is clear and to the point. We will not encourage you to spend huge sums on "pieces of paper", but will always go the extra mile when it is needed to protect you and your business.

“We were really concerned that someone had basically just copied our idea and was making money out of it. It was great when Gareth put them in their place and protected us. We would like to thank Gareth for all his efforts which are much appreciated.”

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