Your personal RG Litigation Funding Review

One of the biggest complaints about solicitors is that they are never clear about costs and fees. RG Litigation is different. We will give you detailed information on costs and expenses up front and in writing.

We will set out for you:

  • Accurate Costs Estimates
  • A detailed list of possible disbursements, you may have to pay
  • Detailed information on the ways you can pay and which are best for you

You will know from the outset what you have to pay and the different ways to pay. You will not have to worry about hidden extras or estimates that change every few months. We give you certainty and clarity, which is vital for anyone entering into litigation.

RG Litigation will always work closely with our clients throughout the claim. This could be only a few months or perhaps years. The costs position will change and is a vital component of any claim. In many cases we will advise you to make settlement offers; and we will advise you when they are received from your opponent. We will always be flexible and sensitive in seeking solutions to any costs concerns as they arise.

No Win No Fee

Many firms will not undertake complicated litigation claims on a No Win No Fee basis, but we are happy to consider providing these services to business and individual clients. Our Team has an excellent record of representing clients in very difficult commercial disputes on a No Win No Fee basis. Many of those clients simply would not have been able to take their cases forward without this service.

"We didn't have the funds to do anything but were able to get over £1m in damages thanks to Gareth agreeing to help us on a no win no fee. No one else would do it but we are not thriving instead of bust."

The Big Picture

There are many ways that you can pay for legal fees:

  • No win no fee
  • Legal Expensive Insurance
  • Pay by the hour
  • Fixed fees
  • Capped fees

We set out on this site detailed information on these and other options. It is very important that you chose the funding route that suits you and your business. You must take all aspects of the case into account whether you are bringing a claim or defending one. At RG Litigation we will also explore with you:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of your case
  • A list of the work which has to be done in the immediate future
  • A list of the work which may have to be done as the case progresses
  • Advice on tactics and strategy
  • A timeline to progress the case
  • A breakdown of the cost for specific pieces of work
  • Settlement opportunities

All of these are key factors to deciding how best to budget for your claim.

If you require an RG Litigation Funding and Legal Review today, enquire here.