Fighting for Justice

Every day, we are effected by decisions made "on our behalf" by public bodies (e.g. police; local government; Immigration Officials) but what if they don't make decisions in the correct way? What if

they cut corners? Judicial Review allows us to investigate how a decision was made. If "officials" don't make decisions the correct way, that is a slippery slope to us losing many of our freedoms. Judicial Review remains a key aspect of defending our rights and securing justice.

It is important to remember at all times that a Judicial Review will not immediately change a decision, because it is an investigation of the process which led to the decision. However a successful Judicial Review will usually lead to the decision being "quashed" so it has to be investigated again. This can seem strange, and the same decision may still be reached in the end, however in the process of checks and balances it is a very important remedy.

Don't be too late

There are very short time limits to bring a Judicial Review. Usually you have a maximum of 3 months to start a Judicial Review but in some cases it is even shorter (e.g. planning - 6 weeks). These are the absolute limits of when you can bring a Judicial Review. The advice of our expert Team is always to bring the claim as soon as possible, even if you appear to have time.

Follow the Procedure

There are strict procedures which our expert team will guide you through. There is a formal Pre-action Protocol which has to be followed. If you cannot resolve the dispute through the Protocol then in most cases you must issue court proceedings in the High Court, seeking permission for a Judicial Review. We can help you construct your claim in a manner which will convince the court that you have an arguable case and one which has real merits in being reviewed.

“It was really important to us that Justice was done, and that wouldn’t have happened without Gareth’s help.”

In order to give your Judicial Review the best chances of success you should provide as much evidence as possible in a well-structured way, supported by documents wherever possible and addressing the key legal issues. We can also provide barristers who specialise in Judicial Reviews, so that together we make a formidable team. The process then continues to a final hearing where we will secure experienced advocates to present your case. This whole process will take several months.

No Win No Fee funding options are available.

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