RG Litigation hit the Press in landmark case

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 Gareth Jones 0 Comments

RG Litigation hit the headlines in The Guardian and The Daily Mail after Gareth Jones gave pro bono advice to a Mr H Mehta, who brought a landmark private prosecution using evidence secured using “Google” glasses.
The case saw Mr Mehta record incidents of bullying against himself and then use that evidence to successfully prosecute those who threatened him.
The case saw a flurry of TV stations seeking interviews but the sensitivity of the case for Mr Mehta, means that we have at this time refused requests for interviews with the BBC, Sky, and Daybreak. All that is important to RG Litigation is that Mr Mehta has been protected in a revolutionary way which could easily have huge impact on how evidence is presented in the future.
We wish Mr Mehta the best of fortune in the future and congratulate him on his tremendous efforts.  ..

RG Litigation visit The Emirates – and Arsenal were not playing!

Friday, October 17, 2014 Neil Potter 0 Comments

Gareth Jones of RG Litigation recently visited Dubai at the invitation of local lawyers looking to build links with the Emirates legal community. They were joined by Rustem Guardian LLP Principal Tim Rustem.
The team attended various networking meetings where they met up with a number of Dubai based legal practitioners. The pinnacle of the trip was when all three attended The Annual Gala Dinner of the Dubai International Finance Centre at The Conrad Hotel, Dubai, when various awards were presented to the Dubai Legal community.
The trip was a tremendous success and RG Litigation are confident of building future links with Dubai clients and lawyers.  ..

RG Litigation praised after Planning Decision

Wednesday, October 08, 2014 Neil Potter 0 Comments

RG Litigation were publically praised by Weymouth Football Club when last week The West Dorset District Council granted outline planning permission for houses to be built on the current stadium where Weymouth Football Club play. The houses will not be built until a brand new stadium is provided for Weymouth Football Club at a different location.
The planning application had already been turned down once and was the subject of an Appeal. The planning aspects are only a part of the ongoing claims being brought in The High Court by Weymouth Football Club arising from land transfers in 2008. There is a long way to go, but the efforts of Gareth Jones of RG Litigation have been recognised by the club as critical to giving the club the chance to secure a new stadium. Its hoped that a community stadium which embraces lots of other sports can be built, and will be one of the biggest and most important sports developments in Weymouth in decades.  ..