RG Litigation hit the Press in landmark case

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 Gareth Jones 0 Comments

RG Litigation hit the headlines in The Guardian and The Daily Mail after Gareth Jones gave pro bono advice to a Mr H Mehta, who brought a landmark private prosecution using evidence secured using “Google” glasses.
The case saw Mr Mehta record incidents of bullying against himself and then use that evidence to successfully prosecute those who threatened him.
The case saw a flurry of TV stations seeking interviews but the sensitivity of the case for Mr Mehta, means that we have at this time refused requests for interviews with the BBC, Sky, and Daybreak. All that is important to RG Litigation is that Mr Mehta has been protected in a revolutionary way which could easily have huge impact on how evidence is presented in the future.
We wish Mr Mehta the best of fortune in the future and congratulate him on his tremendous efforts.


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