If you are involved in a Partnership then you will be aware that brings lots of challenges. Unfortunately sometimes challenges turn into arguments and can escalate into full blown disputes. Such disputes can be very personal and require sensitive but firm legal.

We are specialists in commercial dispute resolution. We can help you in all these areas of dispute:

  • Advice on dissolution terms
  • Drafting Partnership deeds to avoid a dispute
  • Interpreting Partnership deeds when there is a dispute
  • What does the law say, if you don't have a written deed?
  • Profit share disputes
  • Liability disagreements
  • Customer ownership disputes
  • Expelling partners
  • Problems arising from the sale or your interest in a Partnership

"When the partners fell out, it was simply impossible for us to work together, but Gareth gave sensible advice which enabled us to resolve our problems and carry on the business.”

Disputes often arise because partners have not addressed what will happen when someone wants to leave, or needs to be forced to leave, for good of the Partnership. Your only solution may appear to be to sell the Partnership or dissolve it, by that may not be the ideal solution for any of the Partners. Our Team can bring its considerable commercial and legal experience to assist you. However difficult the issues you may face, we will provide pragmatic, honest and cost effective advice.

We have considerable experience in ADR, especially Mediation. This is a particularly suitable method to resolve Partnership disputes because clearly the parties have started off with a very close working relationship. It may seem strained to breaking point, but a calm reflection of the commercial opportunities available can often lead to efficient business solutions.

If there is no prospect of the Partnership continuing and the dispute cannot be solved, we will fight your corner so that you secure the best possible outcome. We will secure you the financial compensation due to you and ensure that you maintain your professional reputation which is often harmed by such disputes.

We can help you whatever your business.

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