Here to help to resolve your property dispute

Our approach to property disputes is to reach a sensible, cost effective solution in the shortest possible time. We will listen carefully to you to gain a full understanding of the issues and guide you through the complexities of property litigation.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Expensive disputes can affect your investment if you are a landlord or your home or business if you are a tenant. We can help both landlord and tenants, in both the residential and commercial environments, over a broad range of disputes, including securing solutions for:

Boundary and Nuisance Disputes

Boundary disputes are all too common and can ruin your peace of mind if not resolved swiftly. "An Englishman's home is his castle" mentality can take over and the practicality of living next door to someone is forgotten. These disputes can be over literally inches and be expensive and acrimonious. It is vital to get your evidence in order, follow the correct procedures, and seek practical solutions which benefit you.

Our team will normally advocate some form of ADR initially to ensure that the problem does not escalate. You will be amazed at how parties who would never be capable of even speaking to each other can with support move forward. If settlement cannot be reached we have the specialist knowledge, expertise and experience to guide you successfully through litigation.

Boundary disputes are invariably linked to issues with covenants easements and rights in the title to your property and we will explain your rights in clear terms. The legal language can often be ancient and unclear.

Your dispute may involve the need to enforce the rights which have been granted to you historically. This may include disputes over rights of way, or light, often with neighbours or more complicated legal covenants and how to enforce them. We can help you.

If you are not the legal owner of land but have been in possession of it for several years, you may acquire rights over it. Alternatively, someone may claim rights via adverse occupation over your land. We can help in either set of circumstances.

If someone does something which affects your land or causes physical damage to it, they could be liable in private nuisance. You may be entitled to damages if you follow the correct procedures. It is very important to act quickly and not to allow a nuisance to continue, as this could affect your claim. Some nuisances can be very serious involving noxious contamination and our Team has experience of acting in such environmental catastrophes, which may blight many properties in a location. This can involve major litigation resolved by comprehensive compensation and relocation packages.

Co-Ownership Disputes

Many people enter relationships and purchase properties without any thought of what may happen if the relationship breaks down. Disputes may even arise where family members purchase property together. It is vital to sort out ownership rights at the outset but many do not do this.

If the problem has arisen, we can assist in solving it. One party may have put more money into the property, or declarations of trust may be challenged. Parties may buy in one person's name on the promise that the other owns half bur that promise is denied years later.

We can assist in overcoming what can sometimes involve several areas or law - conveyancing; Trusts; estoppel, and even the overlap in many cases of family law. We will bring a sensitive approach but a firm one giving clear advice on your legal rights.

Disputes arising from buying Property

You buy a house, move into your home, and then find it isn't what you expected. This can be a serious problem. What rights do you have against the seller; your solicitor; your surveyor? We can help you.

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