What is Sports Law?

"Sports Law" is perhaps a misleading phrase and embraces many traditional areas of commercial disputes, which effect clubs, companies and individuals, such as:

  • Contract disputes
  • Employment rights
  • Fiduciary duties of Directors of sports clubs
  • Minority shareholders claims
  • Privacy and Defamation

It is interlinked to the purely commercial aspects which impact on these disputes, which might include:

  • Intellectual property, branding and sponsorship
  • Regulation and disciplinary aspects
  • Planning applications and land acquisition

The added value we can bring is out intimate knowledge of how sport operates at different levels, and our team's genuine love of sport. We are currently representing both clubs and professional sports people in very difficult areas of disputes. We can are also prepared to provide advice on a No Win No Fee basis, which can be critical to your ability to bring a claim.

"We could not have brought our challenge, if Gareth had not agreed to work on a No Win No Fee basis, and didn't have such a depth of sporting experience. We now have a multimillion pound claim in High Court, and are building relationships, which should bring a new era of success to the club".

Our strength lies in the fact that we understand the sports industry from both a legal and a commercial perspective.

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